SAP Issue - "Failed to update binary data in the database" when trying to install




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    Michael Herrmann

    Hi Rasmus:

    We are on 9.0 PL 4. I received the same error when attempting to install B1UP v 2015-09. Do you know if there is any workaround and if so would it apply to PL 4?



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    Rasmus Wulff Jensen

    As far as I know there is no workaround, but please try to contact SAP on the matter and hear if they know a workaround

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    Bob Richardson

    I also had this error in a much later version of SAP 9.1 PL09 and the latest version of B1UP (2016.0.3.2). I fixed this by extended the maximum log size of the SBO-COMMON database to 1000Mb (which is the maximum that is recommended by the RSP).

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    Tony Miller

    I am now encountering the "Failed to update binary data in the database" error when attempting to register B1UP 2016.12 on a Windows Server 2012 running B1 9.2 PL05. Should we assume SAP has another bug?

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    Rasmus Wulff Jensen

    Hi Tony, Yes, sound like it. Could you please contact SAP Support with reference to SAP Note

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