Disable Native B1 Right Click "Generate Picklist"
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Mass Upload Batch Attributes
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Picking without pick list or sales order
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Possibility to customize the pick list selection screen in ad-hoc picking
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Produmex WMS - Scanner Inventory Order
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Reception flow also Business Partner Catalogue number
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Ability to enter weight and dimensions in Ad-hoc picking flow
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Fix bad UI on Book Receipt confirmation window - Purchase Receipt flow
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Reprint multiple labels in one action from Inventory report window
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Cycle Count multiple items in location by scanning barcode
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Time optimisation : faster packing with a fast validation button
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Picklist Controller - Stock order by option should be using a function or SP
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Hard allocation by customer group or custom UDF
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Sales Order / PLP - allocate stock based upon the Quality status specified in the sales order.
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Cycle count - count per quality status
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Cycle count - Create a view for the process cycle count screen
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Alllow SSCC to be selected from list when recommencing Ad Hoc Picking
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Packing controller doesn't give "No grouping" option for Pick list grouping
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Weighing Flow - Auto Goods Receipt document generation
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Goods receipt allocation to Purchase Order line
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Support return requests based on A/R invoice
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Automaticly pop up keyboard in WMS scanner app
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During Loading of Routes an SSCC should not be shown multiple times in the Scan an SSCC screen.
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To be able to select another moveable location in multi-picking
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Show returnable items during goods receive flow
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Button ribbon on bottom of screen
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Immediatly open picture of item while selecting an item
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Update/delete default locations with import tool
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Make it possible to add or change an logistic carrier during combine packed SSCC flow
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