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SAP HANA - How to use DECLARE in a SQL report


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  • Kevin Lee

    Hi Moeten,

    Thanks, a trillion mate!
    It works like charm, saved a lot of energy & time.


    I have a seldom problem. Just to give some back ground.

    1. We have a Z DB table with 126 fields(Yes exactly 126) having 3 key fields which has like 250+ million entries.
    2. I need to update four fields in the Z table(Step1) from a CDS view which has 7 fields( 3 key fields of the ZDB table + four fields which need to be updated) .

    Here is the problem.

    Here is my code approach.

    1. lt_tab = data from the CDS_VIEW.(which will fetch like 20 million entries)

    I'm not sure how to approach the updating part. I cannot use MODIFY as I have to get the entire table data SAP HANA training USA (which is huge performance).

    Just for Info we are using HANA DB.

    Appreciate your effort for making such useful blogs and helping the community.  

    Thank you,



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