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Display one time item descriptions of dummy items


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  • Dave Gutman

    This is about the scenario where the CTL-Tab keys are used to override the description on the marketing document row, correct?

  • Arne Timmermann

    Hi Dave Gutman, yes exactly. I added the information in my post.

  • Dave Gutman

    Arne Timmermann, lets get some Votes on this so it gets to the towards the top of our list.  Click the blue Vote button!

  • Don Maes

    I assume the scenario is like this:  Document 1 has a one time description in the dscription field.  You are creating another document from the first document.  Normally you would not require a 'Transfer' macro for the item description because it would default from the item master when the ItemCode field is transferred.  In this case however, you do need it.  

    I tried this:  

    Transfer($[$38.3.0]|@STORE9);                               // Item description
    Transfer($[$38.1.0]|$[$38.1.0]);                    // Item                        
    Transfer(@STORE9|$[$38.3.0]);                         // set the value of the description

    The transfer of Store9 to the description field however automatically pulls up the item not found screen.  Then I'm stumped as to how to proceed to get the unique description into the new document.  I really need to transfer the information to the description field but remain in the field so that I can use the Ctrl-Tab to advance.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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