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Ability to attach photos to GRPO lines/batches/serial numbers


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    Miguel Oscar Lozano

    Hi Bobby,

    Some questions regarding your request:

    - Vision of Scan is support SBO logistic operations on the field. At this respect SBO does not have any support to upload files at line level. It does at header level on the "Attachments" tab. What it our idea at this respect?

    - What would be user cases for this request, which pictures could be attached at GRPO header/line level for your customers?

    - Could a picture per GRPO be a solution in some scenarios where a UDF is requested?

    Miguel Lozano

  • Arne Timmermann

    I can add to that, it would be very useful and is requested by some customers and leads of mine. 

    It would also be nice to be able to be able to add pictures on the delivery side!

  • Bobby Richardson

    Hi Miguel,

    Attachments at header level of GRPO would be fine, with access to the free text fields on the attachment line to add a comment. The primary use of this feature would be to take photos of damaged stock.




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