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B1UP Print and Delivery email/print adhoc Reports



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  • SSP Automation
    Thank you for your request. It has been scheduled for review by the development team that will get back to you should there be questions.
    (Please note that as we are user-driven we can't guarantee that your request will be met unless it gets many votes and/or fit the product vision)
    Read more about the Feature Request process here
    [Internal Id: 56498]
  • Jason Killelea

    This already exists. Set the Category to "Other" and Type to "Internal (-1)". Took me a while to figure it out because I, too, looked at Custom first.

  • Rasmus Jensen

    As mentioned, this is already possible. We have an in-depth video on how to do it here:

  • Aaron Walsh

    This is great! I hadn't realized due to not looking in the Other category instead looking at the custom category. Quick question/suggestion. Is there any way, or could there be any way to block a report from being emailed/printed/saved, if it returns no information? Currently, the Mass Delivery of internal has no filtering, and the schedule has no filtering. I'd like to setup a Report Action email with no attachment, that includes a SQLHTMLTable in the body of the email, but only if that query comes back with data.

  • Rasmus Jensen

    Hi Aron

    I'm afraid that is not a scenario the Internal type can do. Custom type might be able to do it (bit more setup, but a custom can essentially do everything an internal type can do + have SQL in the Mass Delivery Config

  • Aaron Walsh

    Ok, thank you!

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