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Reprint multiple labels in one action from Inventory report window



  • Official comment
    Jorge Herrera

    We have several plans to improve automation and information propagation across WMS processes and documents. While this is not currently planned, it is part of our vision for Boyum products.

  • Tom Bernaerd

    Hello Martin, 

    While your feature request would certainly be a great thing to have, you can kind of work around this restriction through B1Up and Print&Delivery. 

    You can easily make an SQL report macro to ask for TO and FROM LUID's or SSCC's and optionally let  the user select which ones he actually wants, calling a crystal print UF for each. Alternatively, I've also built a separate copy of the GoodsReceiptLabel taking a first and last LUID parameter, which then prints all labels in the range. This one you can again trigger through B1Up. 

    Hope that helps, in the mean time I've voted on this request as well. Seems like a nice quality of life improvement. 

    Best regards, 

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