Passing selected value back with Select target data in the grid in a UDT handler/ SQL report




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    Rasmus Jensen

    A bit of background why this does not exist:

    There are two grid-like structures in SAP; a Matrix and Grid. They have the same visuals so only small clues (like one is zero-based can tell them apart). 

    All SAP GUI uses Matrix and the Grid is only for Add-ons (they can use both types).

    SQL Report’s select back system was built back in October 2008 with primarily Documents in mind and that is the main reason it never supported the grid (The request have come up 2-3 times before in the last 11 years, but not enough to make the investment of making it (not a small thing as it is as mentioned a very different GUI element)

    On top of the investment, there is also some expectation management. If we were to do this it would not be able to support multi-select back (it could perhaps on some Boyum controlled screens but no on any generic Grid from any add-on). The reason for this is that if we did we would not be able to adhere to the Add-on that owns the Grid’s business logic (as it is in their code).

    IMHO above would confuse (Sometimes SQL report can select back, but not multi-select) so please bear this in mind when you vote for this (as always we are vote-driven and if enough ask for this from different companies we will consider it)

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    SSP Automation
    Thank you for your request.
    The development team have now added it to our internal planning-system for evaluation.
    [Internal Id: 30424]
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