Macro error in UF-003: System.Exception: Could not find Item with UID: "" on Form: 149




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    erol akgül (Edited )

    I solved the problem. 

    B1UP compiler is converting my colum name as lowercase.


    My column name => U_DISMECH

    According to Compiler => U_Dismech

    When I change the column name as a U_DSMECH, the issue was solved..


    Normaly, it must understand both of them is the same thing but it can't. This can be a bug also.


    Sooo ......

    I desire from BOYUM IT to write my name on the bug finder list :)))


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    SSP Automation
    Thank you for your request.
    The development team have now added it to our internal planning-system for evaluation.
    [Internal Id: 18733]
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    Kasper Bergh Østergaard

    Could you please show a screenshot of your configuration?

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    erol akgül

    Of course Mr Kasper,

    I changed all column names with those rules;

    ** max 10 characters

    ** not using the big i letter (I), like DSC OR DMETER instead of DISC or DIAMATER

    so, now code runs .


    MultiSetFromSql($[$38.U_DSMECH.0]|SQL:SELECT U_DISMECHANISM FROM OITM T0 WHERE T0.ItemCode = $[$38.1.0] );


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