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In 'Service Call' after you select a BP name or code, is there a way to get rid of the "Warning! No valid contracts exist for the customer" message?




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    Yaremi Miranda Lopez


    Unfortunatelly this is an SAP limitation and in some cases in this window we can't get rid of the message.

  • Wendy Tranter


    I would try actually putting a condition which is when the BP has no contract when SAP will pop up the message.  Then I will match it with the macro to Auto press the popup.

    As to the trigger I will leave it as leaving the BP Code field.

  • Eoin

    Thanks Wendy, I have given that a try but haven't managed to get it working just yet.

  • Wendy Tranter


    What error message did you get ? 

  • Eoin

    No error. I got it so it works when you first go into the service Call, select a BP & add call details - no msg popup appears. But if you complete that call & then select another BP to add a second call, then the 'no valid contracts' popup reappears. It's like it works for the first popup but I've something wrong in my setup to tell it to repeat for the next BP selected. Continuing to work at it thanks.

  • Vincent


    see attached what is working for us.

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