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HTTP Trigger (Raw) - Feature Request Respondida
16 votos 2 comentarios
Gantt Chart Dashboard Widget Respondida
15 votos 7 comentarios
Macro - Prompt for values Completada
12 votos 29 comentarios
Create a DTW Replacement Tool Respondida
11 votos 17 comentarios
Document Lines Mass Update Respondida
11 votos 5 comentarios
Messages and Alerts widget at Dashboard Completada
11 votos 8 comentarios
Dynamic Code - Arguments or pass @STORE values Completada
11 votos 14 comentarios
B1Up - WhatsApp function No planeada
10 votos 3 comentarios
Going forward in a report and detecting if lines are selected or not Completada
10 votos 3 comentarios
Item placement tool: add option on right-click to add right to and left to instead of only above and below Completada
10 votos 4 comentarios
Merging more PDFs into one Respondida
9 votos 6 comentarios
Create a Generic Condition System that can be tied to "all" features Respondida
9 votos 6 comentarios
Copy User Group Authorizations from one Database to another No planeada
9 votos 7 comentarios
Allow emailing Crystal Reports with Parameter Variables No planeada
9 votos 5 comentarios
Pass SQL Variable from Validation to Universal Function Completada
9 votos 5 comentarios
View PDF Attachments from Dashboard Respondida
8 votos 2 comentarios
Master Data Manager - close documents on a schedule Respondida
8 votos 7 comentarios
Universal Function - Download from FTP Respondida
8 votos 0 comentarios
Make Process Flow Widgets Customizable Completada
8 votos 32 comentarios
Calendar view in Dashboards and SQL Report Completada
8 votos 16 comentarios
UDT Handler Pickers Respondida
7 votos 1 comentario
Add Bill of Material Master Data Manager Respondida
7 votos 1 comentario
Option to Approve SAP Approvals via Microsoft Teams Respondida
7 votos 3 comentarios
Dashboard - Ability to modify Open Items List Respondida
7 votos 6 comentarios
Possibility to create Choose from lists in SQL report and UDT Handler Respondida
7 votos 3 comentarios
B1UP Service Component - Print / PrintWebService for WebApplication, WebApps (Crystal Reports) Respondida
7 votos 12 comentarios
Create slideshow in Web dashboard Respondida
7 votos 0 comentarios
UDT Handler - ability to add columns to grids Respondida
7 votos 1 comentario
B1 Print and Delivery - PDF consolidation Respondida
7 votos 6 comentarios
SQL Report with each line being a sub-report Respondida
7 votos 1 comentario