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Make Process Flow Widgets Customizable Completada
8 votos 32 comentarios
Macro - Prompt for values Completada
12 votos 29 comentarios
Create a DTW Replacement Tool Respondida
9 votos 17 comentarios
Keep the normal SAP search bar in dashboard Completada
4 votos 17 comentarios
B1 Print and Delivery - Additional attachment for printing action No planeada
6 votos 17 comentarios
Calendar view in Dashboards and SQL Report Completada
8 votos 16 comentarios
HTML Email Format should consider <CR> as <br/> Completada
0 votos 14 comentarios
Dynamic Code - Arguments or pass @STORE values Completada
10 votos 14 comentarios
B1UP Service Component - Print / PrintWebService for WebApplication, WebApps (Crystal Reports) Respondida
5 votos 12 comentarios
B1 Validation Item trigger - Pass row number to Macro Completada
0 votos 12 comentarios
B1P&D hourly Schedules fail to fire at prescribed times following service restart/reboot Completada
2 votos 11 comentarios
Enable Debug per user Respondida
3 votos 10 comentarios
Disable X Button on SAP Forms No planeada
0 votos 9 comentarios
Cash Flow Graph on Dashboard Respondida
4 votos 9 comentarios
SQL Report Field Size No planeada
1 voto 9 comentarios
Tree Data Structure in Article Master Data No planeada
0 votos 9 comentarios
Kanban board Respondida
0 votos 8 comentarios
Add Serial number support in Picklist Crystal Report for B1 Print and Delivery Respondida
0 votos 8 comentarios
Right Click Menu Creator: Add conditions to when a menu-item should be shown Completada
2 votos 8 comentarios
Metadata Manager Export - option to exclude other Add-Ons Completada
0 votos 8 comentarios
Change function button caption Completada
0 votos 8 comentarios
B1UP Transaction Notification System No planeada
3 votos 8 comentarios
Auto fit column width Completada
7 votos 8 comentarios
Messages and Alerts widget at Dashboard Completada
11 votos 8 comentarios
Macro SQL - multiple @StoreX Respondida
0 votos 7 comentarios
B1UP: Function Button discription - 2 lines/rows (line break) No planeada
0 votos 7 comentarios
SQL Report UF - Run/simulate Option Completada
3 votos 7 comentarios
Crystal Report Schedule No planeada
1 voto 7 comentarios
UFFE CSV UTF-8 Without BOM No planeada
4 votos 7 comentarios
Copy User Group Authorizations from one Database to another No planeada
7 votos 7 comentarios