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support for MFA on B1 Print and Deliver

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    Unfortunately, multi-factor authentication because we can work with the token only for a limited time. In general, multi-factor authentication does not work well with automation, so we cannot implement it with the server component either. You can already use multi-factor authentication with the personal exchange setting enabled. Please see more here: How to use Office 365 Exchange Modern Authentication – Boyum Helpcenter (

    Q: Does this support accounts with multi-factor authentication enabled?
    A: Unfortunately not, multi-factor authentication enabled accounts are not supported for Server Component usage. (Multi-factor authentication is only possible to use together with the Personal Exchange Option in the B1 client) .

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    Thank you for your request. It has been scheduled for review by the development team that will get back to you should there be questions.
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  • Y. Noorland

    We are also facing this problem. Are there any changes regarding this, so that it can be made possible.

  • Robert Field

    We need MFA to work with print and delivery. Increasingly this is becoming the standard login method. Microsoft is removing App Password functionally form O365. We’re also seeing more hacking attempts, and any account that doesn’t have MFA is more vulnerable. 

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