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Form Settings Manager



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  • SSP Automation
    Thank you for your request. It has been scheduled for review by the development team that will get back to you should there be questions.
    (Please note that as we are user-driven we can't guarantee that your request will be met unless it gets many votes and/or fit the product vision)
    Read more about the Feature Request process here
    [Internal Id: 80683]
  • Rasmus Jensen

    Hi, Thank you for the request... I actually thought they were already there, but guess not...

    In any case, it is possible to manually add it here and now... Do the following:

    Go to Tools > User defined Windows > BOY_81_FORMTYPES

    In here you enter a code (just something unique) the name, type and the form type of Return Request (234234567)

    Once that is done you can see it in the Form settings Manager


  • Rasmus Jensen

    B1UP 2022.08 will gain out-of-the-box support for the Sales/Purchase Return Request in B1UP 2022.08 (it was due to how we needed to support versions that did not have these new doc-types in the past that caused them not to be there)

  • SSP Automation
    The development team has now completed this request. Expect it to be in the next release of the product. Thank you again for helping us make the product better :-)

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