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Option to remove all existing settings.



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  • SSP Automation
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  • Rasmus Jensen

    In the B1UP download in the Tools Folder there are two tools that you might find can do the job:

    The Mass Metadata Remover can remove all Boyum Tables (letting B1UP re-create them all again at the next startup).

    The UDO Entries Removal Tool can remove entries from a UDO (Example Function Buttons) if it is more "pick and choose" removal.


  • Eduardo Magro


    I didn't want to exclude the UDFs and UDTs, but their content.
    Example: I have universal functions in a demo base and I want to delete the universal functions and not the "@BOY_41_FUNCTIONS" table. Using the function you sent me, I would have to reinstall the addon later so that the tables are created again. This risks not working or having some problems.

  • Rasmus Jensen

    You do not need to reinstall the add-on to get the tables back... Every time B1UP starts it does a metadata check and creates any missing tables... I grant you that it is a bit extreme to delete the tables to get rid of the content, but it will work fine (just take a bit longer)

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