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B1UP Errors in Arabic?



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  • Comentario oficial

    Hi Natalie,

    This is also relevant:

    So I recommend running SAP 2311 and B1UP 2024.02.

    Best regards,


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  • Joris Sibenius Trip

    hello Natalie,

    We had the same issue, but it is solved in later version. Below is from change log of B1 UP versions


    Version 2023.12 [01. December 2023]
    - New Features
      - Perfion Extension
        - Added import functionality [TFS91661]
    - Bug fixes
      - Exchange Rates
        - HMRC Exchange rate provider URL changed [TFS98248]
      - Toolbox
        - Fixed that the ability to take over the SAP Calendar Toolbox Icon and replace it with the B1UP Calendar would fail in browser access, it's now disabled [TFS97587]  
      - Universal Functions - SQL Report
        - Fixed that the refresh button moved the search box to its original place in the SQL report when using the Item Placement Tool [TFS98123]
      - General
        - Changed default DI-API connection method due to "cookie" method performance decrease in new SAP versions [TFS98387]
        - Set the default DI-API language to English due to Arabic error messages by default [TFS98024]

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