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Boyum Dashboards



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    Morten Lilbæk Pedersen

    Hi Jeremy,

    It looks like someone has used the "Make items read only" module on the window/another feature in B1UP.

    We don't have any scenario where we lock the screen like this so I am thinking this is a modification made using B1UP on the B1UP screen.

    Could you try and right-click on the screen and check if any "Make items read only" configuration is active or perhaps a B1 Validation?

  • Yaremi Miranda Lopez

    Hello Jeremy,

    Can you please provede more information? Do you get an error message?

  • Jeremy Tomscha

    Hello Yaremi,

    I am not getting an error message but when I mark the box to enable dashboards, the update button is grey and I can't save the change. I have disabled the cockpit but there must be something else preventing me from enabling dashboards.


  • Jeremy Tomscha

    Sorry, we had to upgrade our beas and this fixed the problem. Thanks

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