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Quick Search Very very slow



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  • Morten Lilbæk Pedersen

    Hi Guillaume,

    This has been fixed in B1UP 2017.04 HF2.

    2017.04 HF2 (April 2017)
    - Changed functionality
    - B1 Dashboard
    - Open items widget now use NOLOCK in it's SQL so it do not impact the system as much.

    - Bug fixes
    - B1 Dashboard
    - Fixed that if you removed a dashboard while another user was using at the same time it could in rare cases result in an "Object ref not set to an instance" error message for the user.
    - Optimized the performance of quick search on large databases
    - Fixed that a few customers got some errors while using the Dashboards. If already on 2017.04 and no issue then no reason to upgrade

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