Replenishment Order Prioritization
27 votes 1 comment
Add more barcode types
25 votes 1 comment
Using SAP B1 current Crystal Runtime to print PDMX WMS labels and not the old 2008 runtime
20 votes 1 comment
Checks controller - Option to sort stock by custom query
16 votes 0 comments
Support return requests based on A/R invoice
16 votes 4 comments
Ability to reduce quantity on a sales order when PLP has been raised
14 votes 0 comments
Traceability report: separate entry for authorization
12 votes 3 comments
Use UOM barcodes in every process
11 votes 3 comments
Picklist Controller - Stock order by option should be using a function or SP
9 votes 8 comments
Sales Return functionality
9 votes 0 comments
Usage of LockedBy field in Move Orders
9 votes 0 comments
Produmex WMS - Scanner should support purchase return requests
9 votes 4 comments
Using EAN13 barcode
9 votes 2 comments
Reprint multiple labels in one action from Inventory report window
8 votes 2 comments
Alllow SSCC to be selected from list when recommencing Ad Hoc Picking
8 votes 2 comments
Picking Remarks
8 votes 4 comments
Add ability to choose printer on the fly when a print event gets triggered
8 votes 3 comments
Shipping/freight carrier add-on
8 votes 2 comments
Produmex WMS - Scanner Inventory Order
7 votes 0 comments
Button ribbon on bottom of screen
7 votes 0 comments
Route picking should be a regular picking process (not ad hoc picking)
7 votes 1 comment
Suppress message printing current SSCC while picking
7 votes 2 comments
Make an option to show the sales order in the picklist
7 votes 0 comments
B1 Usability functionality integration in Produmex WMS
7 votes 1 comment
Packing controller doesn't give "No grouping" option for Pick list grouping
6 votes 3 comments
Automaticly pop up keyboard in WMS scanner app
6 votes 2 comments
To be able to select another moveable location in multi-picking
6 votes 1 comment
Immediatly open picture of item while selecting an item
6 votes 0 comments