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Reception flow also Business Partner Catalogue number



  • Francine Legault

    Hi Ronald,

    I have done something for a client of mine exactly for this. You can use a formatted search in the Mfr. Item Descr. field (U_PMX_VIDE) in the Purchasing Data tab of the Item Master Data to get the partner's catalog number.

    This filed is visible on the scanner when performing a reception:

    Hope this helps,


  • Ronald Dijkhuizen

    This could be really helpfull if all suppliers are only using 1 itemnumber. However in several cases, we find a situation a product can be bought at 3 or more suppliers, and they all got their own itemcodes. So it would be best if you are receiving goods, based on a purchase order, Produmex returns the Business partner catalogue number attached to that specific supplier, which is attached to the purchase order.

  • Ronald Dijkhuizen

    Se below an example.

  • Tom Bernaerd

    Agreed, by coincidence also facing this issue today.

    What I have done is expand on Francine's idea and concatenated the different BP Catalogue Numbers in the U_PMX_VIDE field. This works to filter

    Proper solution using the actual BP Catalogue numbers would be better to have and seems like a good candidate for a quality of life improvement feature.

  • Ronald Dijkhuizen

    We also use B1 Usability Package. Instead of the formated search I created a master data manager schedule, which can run every night (for example) to update this field every night with the known information with a concatenate of all known Business Partner catalogue numbers. (makes it even more automated). This is for now a solution the customer can live with.

    But I agree with Tom, this should be a good improvement.

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