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Fix bad UI on Book Receipt confirmation window - Purchase Receipt flow



  • Official comment
    Jorge Herrera

    Hi Martin, we have several plans to improve automation and information propagation across WMS processes and documents. While this is not currently planned, it is part of our vision for Boyum products.

  • Miguel Oscar Lozano

    Actually this is consider as a benefit and with the back button we offer a 3rd option to the users. First 2 options are mentioned by your comment:

    Book the receipt_>Generation of a GRPO Document

    Cancel the receipt ->Deletion of all data related to it.

    Press back arrow allow users to leave the current GRPO storing the data on the ASN temporary table, so they can resume later the task and complet it. This is though for a case where they are performing a reception but there is a more urgent task to perform, so the system store data and allow the user to complete the task later.

    We want to keep the 3 options available cause they correspond to 3 different use cases. If any customer wants to select any of the 3 behaviors as default they can do it from 2023.06 using the customization framework (making the "Book Receipt" default button): Customize Flows on Mobile Client [] (

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