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Picklist Controller - Stock order by option should be using a function or SP



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    Jorge Herrera

    Thank you for your comments. We think this is a good idea, and have plans to implement it in the future. If our partners agree and up-vote this idea we will see it in a future Quality of Life release.

  • Jorge Herrera

    Hello Jan, thank you for your request, have you tried using this option on the picklist controller?

  • Jan Van Gemert

    Hi Jorge, thanks for your feedback but the "pick items by order" is to sort the items in the picklist after the location have been assigned to the line item. The "stock order by" is used to assign the location to pick from. I would need more control over the location that is being assign to pick from. 

    Unless i am mistaken.


  • Greg Crawford

    Hello Jan

    Don't know if this helps, but I used the "Only pick items on location on same or lower level as dock? (Y/N)" setting from within the Picklist controller to do a very similar process.

    This only really works for sales picking though, as I could control the selected dock by forcing the users process to always be to create the picklist through the "Open Sales Report". 

  • Tom Bernaerd

    Hi Greg, 

    Great suggestion and I have done the same once, but I do agree with Jan that a SP would be most ideal as this allows for any complex scenario to be built by consultants.

    FYI, it's perfectly possible to set the dock through the TransactionNotification, based on SQL criteria. It's a PMX table, not a SAP one so the DB UPDATE is not a huge concern. Just make sure you always set it to a valid dock location. 


  • Ryan Paton

    Yes, i agree ... this is needed

  • Ryan Paton

    Re-commenting on this feature request, I'm getting this request from different clients time after time. Some clients do not want to use SSCCs, they want to directed to an overstock location if the pick quantity is greater than or equal to a pallet quantity. This is where a custom stored procedure can help where we can include "CASE WHEN" logic . This feature should be on the top of the development list imo. 

  • Jan Van Gemert

    Re-commenting to keep it alive :)

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