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increase the length of the QC inspection plan field from 40 characters to 255. QS_ID



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    Ana Bracho

    Dear Customer

    The QC inspection plan is an ID field, you should limit what is available, but you can use the info field to extend the information of the plan, this one has 255 characters.

    Best regards,

  • Fabio

    Hi Ana,

    Which would be the correct one to use? because we are using what needs to be tested in the QS_ID and in the methodology the method. Here is a chemical industry, we have several chemical and biological tests


    QC: Staphylococcus aureus

    Methodology: IT2-047 / USP, Farm. Eur., Farm. Bras.


    Necessary now: "Content - Phenolic Diterpenes, calculated as the sum of carnosic acid and carnosol"

    how to make?






  • Ana Bracho

    The previous answer was referring to the inspection plan header, but it is similar here, please use the QC order with up to 50 characters, maybe creating a simplifying nomenclature, and you could use the methodology field to extend the test description.

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