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Reception flow: verify entered batch number is not identical to ItemCode, to avoid scanning errors


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  • Dave Gutman

    Agree that this is a concern during reception when GS1 compound barcodes are not being used.  It is also a concern on other inbound transactions such as Direct Cycle Counts (when on hand qty is being increased) and for Customer Returns.

    Similar issue can happen if the Batch Number or Item Code is accidently scanned into the Quantity field.

    A few thoughts on ways to handle this:

    - Configuration option to indicate if the Batch Number entry should be tested to see if it matches an existing Item Code or GTIN value (as Tom suggests above).

    - Configuration option to set a Maximum Quantity value above which the Quantity entry is not allowed.

    - Configuration option to set the Min and Max length for both the Item Code and the Batch Number values.  Any entry for the Batch or Item that is outside this range is not allowed.  (This is only viable for customers who have rules for Batch Numbers and/or Item Codes.)


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