Error: One or more errors occured during work setup of the Item Placement Tool.




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    Rasmus Jensen

    Hi Leo

    I’ve moved your post to the Question and Answer section as it better fit there (you posted it in the Feature Request section)

    Regarding your problem, the error indicates that you have been using the Item Placement Tool to move around Function Buttons on the Screen and the error states that these buttons are no longer on the screen.

    My best guess is that you remove the buttons or have a user-setting on them so it is not all users that have the buttons (but that the Item Placement Tool configuration is set to run for everyone.

    I recommend you to check out the above two mentioned configuration types (In IPT config you need to look for system lines that reference Id BOY_99_1

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    Leonardo Aleixo

    Hi Rasmus,

    Thanks for your help.

    I checked my Function Buttons Screen and identify a rule to manager there. But when I removed this rule, anyone can access the buttons more. Is it normal this behavior?

    I tried remove users, add users, active / inactive Buttons Screen, restart B1UP, nothing worked.

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