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    Martin Heigl


    The precalculation can work always only with 1 unit

    We're using the standard pricing from SAP (price function from DI API) and this is working fine, if pricing unit and UoM Code Unit it the same.
    Only if this both units not the same, the pricing is not working. In this case we ignore the Pricing Unit

    You can follow this link:


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    Yannick FETET

    Indeed, we absolutely need beas to be able to calculate prices the same way as SAP does, particularly in Precalculations and MRP.

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    Yannick FETET


    We have another customer that faces the same requierement. 

    We cannot tell all our customer that they can't benefit from SAP Business One new features because beas addon is not yet capable of handling them. Although we are aware that this represent some work for BOYUM, per my understanding, a part of the maintenance contract is supposed to help finance the feature adaptations to SAP Business One evolutions.

    This feature has been added to SAP Business One 9.3, released in march 2018 (PL03).

    Please add this to your roadmap as soon as possible.

    Best regards

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