MRP - Calculation - BARS Conversion to Stock



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    Martin Heigl

    In BoM we've the field "Rounding Type"

    Do you mean, you can use this?


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    Martin Heigl

    Hi Rafael

    In which unit are the bars stored?

    in bars: How are rests of bars managed?
    in meters: how is the length of each bar determined?

    e.g. 3 m: That can be 3 bars 1 meter each.

    When cutting to size, there may be waste, as the saw blade also has a certain width or the material must be held in place in some way as during processing.

    For some companies, the administration was too complex. The direct manual inspection can be more effective depending on stock levels.




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    Rafael Encinas

    Hi Martin ! 

    Thanks for your answer !

     My ideia is the WorkOrder, in some cases, has in another field the quantity of material that exceeds the calculation, but it's not going to be consume, this field complete the real quantity that I need to buy.

    I need to purchage , for example, 16 bars, the Work Order will consume 15.3 bars. 

    As you said, the manual inspection will take care about the rest.

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