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    Martin Heigl


    Current you can create inactive routing position

    Internal routing position is active
    External routing position is not active

    If you want to switch
    - Disable internal routing position
    - activate external routing position

    For external routing position we've lot of more fields to administrate. 
    This don't make the usability simple, if you use the concept of alternative resources.

    Is this a solution, which you can use?

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    Luis Abellaneda

    It would be a solution if this operation (and it alternative) is used in one structure, but if we need to add the operation and the alternative operation to a bunch of structures, it is a repetitive task that should be performed individually in each structure.

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    Martin Heigl

    Yes, the item master data must be defined correct.

    If master data is existing and now you want to insert this optional routing position, you can work with Routing Batch changes to insert new routing position


    (please test this on a test database before you do this in life system)

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