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    Martin Heigl

    Hi Damiano Tibaldini

    Batches = SAP table. Why do you don't use a SAP User defined field?



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    Damiano Tibaldini

    Because I would like to have beas documents to manage that status.

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    Martin Heigl

    in beas Batchnum window you can display SAP UDF

    On which place do you want to see this field additinoal?

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    Damiano Tibaldini

    It seems like I'm not able to be understood: I would like new types of batch statuses, in addition to the SAP ones, that would interact in more ways in beas documents that the simple three "Locked - Not Accesible - Released"

    For example :

    "Can be booked but not issued"

    "Can be reserved but not booked"

    "Can be sold but not

    "Can be sent only to QC warehouses"


    It'd like BEAS to manage this new statuses in its functions!




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    Martin Heigl

    Ah, ok. This is not simple, because this have effect to the complete workflow

    Did you tried to work with item version control? We support this on Batch level

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    Damiano Tibaldini

    I really did not undestand what you mean with "Did you tried to work with item version control? We support this on Batch level"

    but I cannot ask the customer to create N different versions of the items, just to manage batch statuses.

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    Martin Heigl

    hmm... correct. It's not simple, if he've many different items. 

    Other idea is manage by warehouse

    QC Warehouse

    Scrap warehouse

    Standard warehouse

    and in the warehouse setting you define, what you can do with this material


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