Distribution of master and slave setting in master operation, not global



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    Martin Heigl


    you want to have this setting

    in routing position in this area
    Correct? Both? 

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    Damiano Tibaldini

    Yes, I'd like to have it there.

    If you want to leave the global setting, for me is indifferent : maybe you could use the global setting if none is used in routing position.


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    Martin Heigl

    Why the customer need this? Do you have an example?

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    Damiano Tibaldini

    The customer needs it because for example they have this 2 cases :

    1) He has a machine made of three resources : A - B - C, each one with a different cost.

    They sometimes works togheter (A -B -C) , sometimes they work separately (only A-B , only B-C).

    When they work togheter, in routing definition I set the operation on A as master, operations on B and C as slave.

    The operator, with terminal, declares time only for the master operation, for an hour for example. This mean that B and C must get 1 hour each -> I should set  the option "No distribution"

    2) He has an operation master (no time planned), divided into 3 slaves (slave 1, 10 min - slave 2, 20 min - slave 3, 10 min).

    3 slaves are necessary, because they use 3 different resources with different costs.

    The operator this time declares only the master: 80 min -> the time should be distribuited on slaves as :

    slave 1, 20 min - slave 2, 40 min - slave 3, 20 min

    -> I should set  the option "Distribution Time percentage"

    (in this example I used 3 slaves, but in reality the 3 slaves could be 10 or 15: I cannot ask them to declare very slave)


    This is not possible now

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    Martin Heigl

    Thanks for this info. I will inform our product owner.

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