Universal Function SQL Report - Goldern Arrow To Open UDO Document




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    Rasmus Jensen

    Hi Chris.


    I've moved your question here away from Feature request and over to "Questions and Answers".


    You are on the right track here, you just need to use the right Macro Command.

    What you need is the "OpenForm" command documented here: https://help.boyum-it.com/B1UP/macro.html


    For object type, you need to use the defined code of the UDO when you registered it. For Key you need to use $[$BOY_1.<your colUidThatHoldTheUdoKey>.0]

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    Rasmus Jensen

    Alternative you can also fully script it.

    Something like this:

    Activate(<you udo menuitem>);
    Activate(1281); //Switch to find mode by pressing that menuitem
    Transfer($[$BOY_1.<yourCol>.0]|$[$<itemforYourDoc>.0.0]); //Move the ODO number over
    Click($[$1.0.0]); //Press the Find button

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    Chris Fawcett



    Thanks Rasmus, with a bit of a struggle this has worked.   Just to note for anyone else with this problem your object type and column id are case sensitive.


    Many Thanks



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