Where can I find patch level compatibility information for your plug-ins?




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    Hi Rene,

    As the download page states, the versions shown there are supported for 9.3 PL04 and higher. That means 9.3 PL08 is also supported. CRM download page also offers the versions that are supported for a specific download package.

    Here's general information on the products and compatibility: https://support.boyum-it.com/hc/en-us/articles/204209816-Guide-supported-SAP-Business-One-version-and-3rd-party-products

    As for the full compatibility list for B1UP:

    B1UP version vs. SAP Business one version

    B1UP 1.x = SBO2004

    B1UP 2.x = SBO2005

    B1UP 3.x = SBO2005 / SBO2007 (Also compatible with SBO 8.8)

    B1UP 4.x = SBO 8.8 / 8.81 / 8.82

    B1UP 5.x = SBO 8.81 / 8.82

    B1UP 6.x = SBO 8.82

    B1UP 2014.x = SBO 9.0

    B1UP 2014.6 and later = SBO 9.0 / 9.1

    B1UP 2016.02 and later = SBO 9.1 / 9.2

    B1UP 2018.02 and later = SBO 9.2 PL04 / 9.3

    Best regards,


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    Rene Raggl

    Hello Thomas,

    Thank you very much, that was what we were looking for. And as for the "and higher" just wanted to make sure. ;-)



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