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    Martin Heigl

    Hi Tskotti


    It's not simple inside the Standard report. You've only access to information in the database and not on current frontend.

    This is only possible in follow way

    1. copy workorder.rpt in your project folder with a new name

    2. insert new argument "User" in the report

    3. create new report entry

    4. makro step - insert the report and click on "Determine"

    5. insert all values - see this example

    6. in argument / variable "user" insert "<currentuser>"



    You can't use the api "workorder"

    You can print only the current marked workorder. Mass print not possible. System don't set the print id in work order, not possible to print only one position...


    if you don't need this, you can work in this way

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    Timo Skottki

    Unfortunaltely we will need to print the positions separately. So I guess there will be no way to have the logged on user printed. But thanks anyway for giving me an inside view of this.

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