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    SSP Automation
    Thank you for your request.
    The development team have now added it to our internal planning-system for evaluation.
    [Internal Id: 22926]
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    Andrew Phillips

    Further to the above, if you could actually put a little search bar (like the B1UP search within SAP B1) just above each document section in CRMFO that expands that would be incredibly useful to short list and slice down the documents as you type into the search box. i.e. I'm on my data tab / open quotes or Opps and want to quickly find atll quotes related to Customer A and I have over 30 entries showing, I could start typing into the search box and the tiles / cards displayed reduced down by the search query (google style) - this would be useful on various field data in the object if thats techically possible above and beyond cardcode or cardname - so if it could also be looking through for example on Opps these but also Opp Name, remarks, and on documents (quote, order etc,) look into remarks, cust ref.
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