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Allow Variable Pre-Authorization Markup




  • Official comment
    Fernando Pescuma Aleixo

    Hi Nathan, 

    There are no plans to implement this feature at the moment, as it can be handled using the B1 Usability Package.

    If more and more customers request it (by voting up), we might reconsider at some point.

  • SSP Automation
    Thank you for your request.
    The development team have now added it to our internal planning-system for evaluation.
    [Internal Id: 20706]
  • Fernando Pescuma Aleixo

    Hi Nathan,

    In regards to the feature itself, we understood your request.

    However, from a business perspective, in which cases should we apply different markups based on the order total?

    Thank you!

  • Nathan Dube

    Hi Fernando,

    The markup should be applied based on the addon setting on pre-authorizations on all transactions. There would not be any other logic or considerations applied.

  • Nathan Dube


    Any update on this request?

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