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B1 Dashboard - Set dashboard item name, columns names etc. dynamically




  • SSP Automation
    Thank you for your request. It has been scheduled for review by the development team that will get back to you should there be questions.
    (Please note that as we are user-driven we can't guarantee that your request will be met unless it gets many votes and/or fit the product vision)
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  • Rasmus Jensen

    Hi Rob

    Thank you for the request. I'm however not 100% what this request is about... Is it that you could write something like "$[Year] - $[QUARTER]" as the title of a Dashboard tab, and on runtime, this will turn into "2021 - Q2"... or is this something else (if so please try to explain the request a bit more please)

  • Rob

    Hi Rasmus

    Yes, as you have described. I gave dates an as example but perhaps even more dynamic. Say you want to filter by Sales Employee, and you want the dashboard to clearly display the currently selected Sales Employee.

    A definition for each name that could be set using an expression so queries or parameters could be used to rename dashboard elements.

  • Rasmus Jensen

    Ok, thanks... Making it very advanced is properly not possible as the Dashboard is a 3rd party framework we use (aka we do not have full control similar to we can't do every single thing we want in SAP SDK)

    but if this gets many votes we will evaluate...

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