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Invalid column name in sql expression



  • Dave Gutman

    Hi Larisa,

    It looks like the code that assigned @STORE17  is having problems with the use of quotes.  

    I copied your code to my system and replaced the UDF in OITM with another field.  When I ran it from from the Sales Order screen errors happened assigning @STORE17. Like your case it had no problem with the assignment of @STORE16.

    Here's the changed code that I got to run: 

    @STORE16 = SQL('SELECT T0.[ItemName] FROM OITM T0 WHERE T0.[ItemCode] = $[$38.1.0]'); @STORE17 = SQL(SELECT CASE WHEN '@STORE16' = 'W-CAN-100' OR '@STORE16' = 'W-CAN-105' OR '@STORE16' = 'W-CAN-120' OR '@STORE16' = 'W-CAN-4.5' OR '@STORE16' = 'W-CAN-81' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END);

    Here's what I did to make it work:

    • Removed the quotes within the SQL() function - this can cause problems when quotes are used within the function's command itself.
    • Put quotes around the @STORExx references within the command.

    Hope this helps.

  • Larisa Gasparian

    It worked! Thank you very much for quick respond.

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