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Option to use the FileSystemWatcher for UFFI instead of schedule




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  • Ramon Duunk

    I just wanted to follow up on this one, since we are using more and more schedules (which is good).
    But the amount of logs files created is huge.

    It slows down the folder access, since it creates more then 350.000 files a month.
    Is there any other way to disable these log files ?

    We need the schedules to run every minute (or faster).

  • Dave Gutman

    Ramon Duunk  Please use the blue 'Vote' button to add your vote to this feature request!

  • Ramon Duunk

    Hi Dave,

    I am curious if this still is the way to go, since it's very inactive by your customers.
    If you have 3-4 votes it's a lot at the moment.

    For me this should not really be a votes related feature request.
    In my opinion how it is done now is just "data pollution".

    We use 9 schedules that run every minute, so we create 540 txt files for basically nothing.

    Since the import function works great, we are using customer specific imports, so we might even get up to 50-100 schedules resulting in even more txt files.

  • Rasmus Jensen

    Hi Ramon 

    As the feature request only received 2 votes in the past 8 months it is not something we have currently planned

  • Ramon Duunk

    I understand, is there any other (workaround) to at least dont make any log files at all ?
    Because it keeps me busy for no reason :(

  • Dave Gutman

    Maybe create a Windows .bat  file that deletes the log files that are more than x days old.  Then set it up to run on the Windows Task Scheduler.

  • Ramon Duunk

    Aah ofcourse !
    Sometimes i have so much on the list ........

    Thanks for pointing it out Dave :)

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