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B1 Print and Delivery - Report Action - How to add Outgoing Payment Due Date and Total Amount Due to the Subject

Not planned



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  • Peter Hummelshøj Johnsen

    This is not something planned as you can already do this using SQL: in the subject field.

    SQL: <your statement here>


  • Amber Wan

    Hi Peter,

    I got the error after trying either one of following keywords.

    SQL: ACH Payment on $[$121.0.0], $[$12.0.0]

    SQL: <ACH Payment on $[$121.0.0], $[$12.0.0]>

    What is the accurate keyword should I put in the subject to make it work? 

  • Peter Hummelshøj Johnsen

    Hi Amber,

    went a little fast for me yesterday, and looking further at your question, I can tell you that with this Setup (pic below) it works for me. As you can see this is identical to your original setup 


    If i Write this TEST Balance $[$12.0.0] $[$121.0.DATE] in the subject field it works as intended.


    If you still are having an issue I suggest that you make a support request

  • Amber Wan

    Hi Peter,

    It works to pull the date but fails to get the total outgoing amount from the document. I will submit a request to support team. THANK YOU!!

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