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Add SAP bin locations to web terminal picking list

Not planned



  • Monique Durand

    We have a customer that wants to use the web app and needs to be able to have a way to create a pick list using SAP bin locations to transfer materials from storage locations to production & dispatch locations. After following the advice on the Beas instructions to use SAP Bin locations and also finding that to be able to create a SAP pick list as there is no Beas equivalent we have now found there is no way to manage the picking process from the web app. 


  • Christian Thisted Dahl

    A big lack for Beas inventory Apps - just like that Beas is not supporting SAP Bin locations for inventory counting 

  • Luis Abellaneda

    Is this going to be planned anytime?

  • Ana Bracho

    Our webapps is mainly focused manufacturing process for that reason we don't plan this

  • Tobias Hermeling

    sadly this is one of the reason why the web-app can't be used at several customers


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