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default dashboard window to maximise



  • Paul Mills

    Hello - I'm still having this issue for any new dashboards I create where they always appear minimised. 

    Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas how to rectify? 

    We're using SAP B1 9.3 PL11 I'm not sure how to tell what version on B1 UP we're using?

    Kind regards


  • Dave Gutman

    Hi Paul, 

    Your dashboard panel window appears to be in the restored state.  When you resize the dashboard panel to the desired size, then use File --> Exit to close SAP, then log in again does it retain the resized size?  Also have you tried using the Maximize button on the dashboard panel?

  • Paul Mills

    Hi Dave - many thanks for your reply. I can maximise the window but when I exit and login again it reverts back. However! I thought I'd test resizing instead of maximising as per your suggestion and it works! If I resize it then exit and log back in, it now has is maximised and stays that way!  Hopefully this helps someone else too. Many thanks

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