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Option to refresh dashboard from a Macro Command




  • SSP Automation
    Thank you for your request. It has been scheduled for review by the development team that will get back to you should there be questions.
    (Please note that as we are user-driven we can't guarantee that your request will be met unless it gets many votes and/or fit the product vision)
    Read more about the Feature Request process here
    [Internal Id: 22634]
  • Dave Gutman

    Hi Anat Shaked Please be sure to vote for your idea.  Just click on the Up-Arrow button: 

  • Charbel Zogheib

    a quick key to refresh all the dashboards would be nice also

  • Michael Haak

    Anat's suggestion is great. Lots of our customers made wrong decisions because they have forgotten to refresh the dashboards.

  • SSP Automation
    The development team has now completed this request. Expect it to be in the next release of the product. Thank you again for helping us make the product better :-)
  • Christ Neeskens

    I see it shows as completed, yet I can't find on how this should be done.

    Is there any manual or some sort of example code available?

  • Rasmus Jensen

    It is exposed as a B1UP - UF Macro command: so you have full control

  • Charbel Zogheib

    Rasmus Jensen Is this only on the latest version?


  • Rasmus Jensen

    It is in B1UP 2021.08 and higher

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