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Make the servercomponent more public cloud friendly




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    Rasmus Jensen

    Hi Hans

    The current requirement is not really easy to get rid of as they are the base requirements for the DI-API (except for the notes at the end of this comment).

    Long term when:

    1. Enough people are on an SAP Business One version that can run Service Layer.
    2. The Service Layer can do custom SQL Request

    Then it could be changed, but right now the requirements are SAP's than ours :-/

    Other Notes: 

    1. We have an internal open todo to see if we could get rid of the need for the user to have access to SBO-COMMON. In fact the early CRMFO version did not have the requirements as it got needed databases via DI-API, but due to various SAP bugs that made everything very very slow and crashed a lot... So we chose to take the dependency for the greater good of the product.

    2. The requirement of a portal account will never be removed. It is the only option we have of securing that the person setting up are granted permission to do so.



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  • Rasmus Jensen

    We have now implemented that CRMFO Server Component do not need access to SBOCommon database anymore. This change will be out in the May 11th release (2020.05)

    If this change goes without issues we will do the same for iPayment and B1UP in their June releases

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