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Event aftert the routing has been successfully deleted




  • Kirankumar Adhimulam

    Hi Peter,

    Sorry for delay in reply, Please give us more details of the question to check from our end 



  • Peter Tarr

    Hi Kirian,

    Thanks for the answer. 

    So, When I press "Yes"  and after a routing was successfully removed then an event is executed (it is executed after the removing process was successful.)

    Forexample like this event: "delwoend" in the "workordermanagement.src" file.

    According to the documentation, this evenet "delwoend" is triggered when the wo has been successfully deleted.

    So I meant if there is an event after the routing is successfully deleted ?

  • Daniel Gesk

    Hello Peter,

    please check the function delafo within workordermanagement.src.

    Best regards, Daniel Gesk

  • Peter Tarr

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the info, 

    Do you know where could I find a description about that function ? How it works, when is executed, which variables are available, etc... ?




  • Daniel Gesk

    Hello Peter,

    please open the debug window with CTRL+Shift+I. Then you can get different informations according the following screenshot.

    Best regards, Daniel Gesk

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