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It's possible can in bath window Date of Permission + 7 day to Expir. date ?




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    Daniel Gesk

    Hello Grace,

    this could be realized with beas-script.

    Best regards, Daniel Gesk

  • BI-Fen WU (Grace)

    HI Daniel

    Very Thank you for your reply~

    I know but  I wrote the script the script doesen't run . I need to open edit script windows and save it  this expdate column will be chanage

    Can the script automatic run ?? Thank you ~~:))



    語法上是否有哪邊有問題呢? 再次感謝回覆與協助



  • Yaremi Miranda Lopez

    Hello Grace,

    Since this is an advance question I will create a ticket. Thank you for contacting Boyum IT.

  • BI-Fen WU (Grace)

    I hope it will have a good solution ^^ 
    Thank you for the information

  • Daniel Gesk

    Hello Grace,

    please find below an example:

    **** START EXAMPLE ****

    windowevent itemchange obtn_indate


    end event

    **** END EXAMPLE ****

    Of Course, you have to calculate the expdate.

    Best regards, Daniel Gesk

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