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B1P&D / B1UP, Triggering Functions from Stored Procedures




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    Naama Aharoni

    Hi Devin,

    You can use the "Report Action" type "internal Message" to send messages to relevant users based on specific SQL.

    Then you can put it into the scheduler.

    For example, you could make a query the "Approved" field in the sales order and then set up a server component schedule that look at all those sales order which their approved value is set to = Y and send internal messages based on those. It will have a little delay but will happen no matter where the sales order was created.

    Hope it helps,


  • Devin Frey

    Hey Naama, thanks for the response.

    I could certainly handle it on a timer, I could do that via an Alert (standard SAP) but was looking / hoping to discover an alternative.

  • Wendy Tranter

    Hi Devin

    You can also use a validation to trigger P&D.  You can use an event in B1 UP's validation such as validate a field, lost focus, etc, to put the condition in, then trigger a Macro to call for P&D's configuration.

    e.g. if you want to call for an email Action in P&D configuration 41, then your syntax can be


    Kind Rgds


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