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Enable Data Ownership for Employee

Not planned



  • Official comment
    Yaremi Miranda Lopez

    Hello Alvaro, It's in the roadmap but we don't have an estimate date yet.

  • Alvaro Herrero

    Any plans for this suggestion?

  • John Swalwell

    This would be a good enhancement.

  • Yaremi Miranda Lopez

    Hello, this is on our development list but we still don't have a release date.

  • Alvaro Herrero

    It sounds good Yaremi. We look forward to hearing news about this enhancement asap.


  • Robert Peterson-Wakeman

    Does this thread means that you can 'filter' the BP list for a sales user to only show their BPs (from SAP) in CRMfO? If so, WE WANT THIS!

  • Alvaro Herrero

    That's idea Robert. 

  • Alvaro Herrero

    Hi Yaremi,

    has planned date to release this improvement?

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Fabrice Hoarau - ERP-ONE
    do you have more visibility on the implementation of this request?
    Thanks in advance
  • Rasmus Jensen

    Hi Fabrice

    Status on this right now that we are leaning toward marking this as not planned. The reasons for this is the following:

    1. Last year we began tracking how many actually use Data ownership and found it is only 6% use it
    2. We did a big investment in B1 Usability Package last year as a first step that even few actually use it (0.1%)
    3. Finally adding this to CRMFO will severely limit how CRMFO work (it would not allow showing any data before user-login into every single possible database, and that will not only mean a big code rewrite but also a more poor user-experience)



  • Alvaro Herrero

    Thank you Rasmus for you feed-back.

    In my case we have been unable to sell never CRMFO to our customers that need this feature because it doesn´t run as SAP Business One.

    About second point, could you share the feature that you refered in in B1 Usability Package as a first step please?

    Thanks in advance.

    Álvaro Herrero 


  • Fabrice Hoarau - ERP-ONE

    indeed, the absence of this functionality is blocking for some customers and prevents the sale of your solution. the problem always comes back to the same, no functionality, no sale but not used.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Rasmus Jensen

    The B1UP feature is called "Adhere to Data Ownership":

    • It was released in B1UP 2019.03 release (March 2019)
    • Here is the video announcing the feature:
    • If you begin using it I recommend being on B1UP 2020.04 or later as that version fixes a bug in the system that caused issues with Sales opportunities

    Since the release we have had zero feedback from anyone despite the first hype, so that is the main reason for not considering anymore investment in overall support (we instead want to focus on what matters most to the most people)


  • Alvaro Herrero

    Thank you Rasmus for the informaton and links.

    I undestand you that what you say, but in my opinion the Data Owneership make more sense in sales enviroment where for example sales employees works only with yours custormers and managers doens´t allow to view general sales data, so this feature in B1UP 2019.03 about Dashboards have not impact for them.

    Our customers always request to limiting the acces to data in sales transactions, querys and informs. Don´t make sense in other areas. So it is important in CRMOutlook, because is a good solution for sales employees (quotation, sales order, ... )
    Of course also for other profiles.

    Thanks in advance for you collaboration.


    Álvaro Herrero

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