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Outlook CRM does not save new contact




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    Naama Aharoni

    Hi Gregg,

    There is no requirement to add a contact in SAP prior to adding it in CRM for Outlook.

    Once you get an email from someone not in SAP you have the option to mark 'this is a B1 Connection' - a seperate screen should open where you can enter the details of the contact and link him to an existing BP.

    If you need to create a new BP, you can also add it in CRM for Outlook by clicking on 'Find' and then 'Add a new Business Partner'.

    Thanks, Naama

  • Gregg Goede

    SAP 9.1

    Boyum 1.0.46

  • Gregg Goede

    In this particular case all the BP's already exist and most do not have any contacts and so the administrator wants to have the CRM user only work from outlook updating the BP contact list. So the work-around is the CRM user has a remote connection to the SAP and when she come across a BP with no contact she enters the first one through SAP and then adds the rest through outlook. And you are right adding a new BP works well through outlook

  • Naama Aharoni

    Hi Gregg,

    You have 2 ways of adding contacts for existing BP's from CRM for Outlook. 1. You can do this by clicking on 'Find' and look for the relevant BP, and then click on 'Add Contact'.

    2. When you get an email from a contact who is not in SAP, you can use the 'This is a B1 Connection' button to create that contact for an existing BP.

    Thanks, Naama

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