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B1UP Transaction Notification System

Not planned



  • Official comment
    Rasmus Jensen

    Not planned until we get more context

  • Rasmus Jensen
    Thank you for your request. The development team have now added it to our internal planning-system for evaluation.
  • Rasmus Jensen

    Could you give an example of a real use-case and that UF config it would involve? The issue we see is that almost all UFs have a UI-API part and anything called from the Stored Procedure would not be able to be dependent of the UI (as the SP are also called when you use external DI-API programs like DTW)

  • Jose Gomensoro


    - We use B1P&D to automatically email Advance Shipment Notifications (PDF) when a Deliver Note is added. But it is very common to trigger the creation of Delivery Notes via barcode scanners, therefore there is no UI input, only DI. So we would want that when a Delivery note is added, a Report Action is triggered to e-mail a Crystal Report. 

    - Similarly, we may want the file exporter to create a file containing delivery/packaging information when a delivery is added (via barcode scanner for example), so that a courier client (such as UPS Worldship) will pick that file up and create the shipping labels. This is very time sensitive because the person creating the delivery doesn't want to wait for a schedule; the file has to be created immediately so that the label is created on the spot

    For the above examples (and anything where there is no UI event, such as with any integration to other applications) we usually would require another tool such as an ETL application. It would be great if we could just use Boyum.

  • Bruno CHARNAL

    Hi Rasmus,

    I have a case where i miss this functionality :

    We have purchase orders automatically created in B1, where we need to recompute prices once document is first created in B1.

    So either 

    - the user need to open every purchase order in order to trigger a data load event then a line loop recompute prices.

    - we make a B1UP batch but prices are not up to date immediately computed

    - third option is making B1if scenario but we need to develop outside B1UP


    So being able to trigger a dynamic code macro from the TN would be time saver.


  • Juan V Hernandez


    is any update on this request? 

    my scenario is that AR Invoices are created via DI-API, at the moment we are using Scheduler but is not practical 

    this functionality would  be great




    Juan V

  • Rasmus Jensen

    @Juan: This has not made a planning stage yet because of low amounts of votes compared to how big an undertaking it would be to make this (the underlying structure of UF/B1P&D is optimized for scheduled behavior and not event-based behavior 😢)

    But we hear you (and others requesting similar), so please keep voting

  • Norman Macsween

    Would also love this functionality - shame there aren't a few more votes!

  • Bruno CHARNAL

    Hi Rasmus,

    As this request is unfortunately not planned for development, could you suggest any alternative way to trigger some B1IP code from api events, without any users interactions.

    We can make do with scheduled UF macro, but its is not api event triggering.

  • Dave Gutman

    Could this be done via .NET code in a UF?  I'm thinking a .NET snippet that would make no-impact change (i.e. make a data change to an unused UDF) to a data record which when saved would trigger SAP to call Transaction Notification.

  • Mark Ownby

    Would be very useful. I have a use case where we need to create a landed cost document under certain conditions when a GRPO is entered.

  • Ramon Duunk

    Is this still under consideration, because i have the feeling that B1UP is dead.
    Based on the updates, which are basically only bug fixes and translation errors, B1UP is starting to be the slowest in our software chain, in comparison to my competitors in our markets it's time to speed up.

    This is a very important update, why wait on a schedule, why wait on a UFFI, why waiting on a print job ?
    It's 5 years now and 2023.

    We basically would not even care, how "dirty" the software would be, we need the solution !

    Power Automate, condition based execution - something to "automate" simply because we cant stand the pace ......

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