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    Rasmus Jensen

    Added to internal todo but not yet planned for a specific release. 

    NB: This is a bit tricky as in order to be effective it require a modern HTML rendering engine. Microsoft out of the box simply does not work well enough (Especially on servers) and if we are to embed Google Chrome it will add ~100MB of additional download size so we are very hesitant to do this

  • Dave Gutman


    Maybe make this configurable on the B1 Usability Config screen.  Don't download during the B1UP install.  Instead when the user activates this option, then they are warned that a 100MB download will begin when they hit the Update button.

  • Rasmus Jensen

    Had same idea. But lets see how many votes this DRQ will get

  • Peter Hummelshøj Johnsen

    made for 2021.02 release

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